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College Outdoors Reunion

at Reunion Weekend 2013: June 20-23

Past participants, trip leaders, students, staff, and lovers of outdoor activities are invited!  See below for a list of who’s signed up to come.

Joe Yuska

“We have a great slate of activities lined up off- and on-campus – we can’t wait to see you here!” says Director of College Outdoors Joe Yuska. (fun fact - Joe Yuska has been working at College Outdoors since 1986!)

Spend time with current director,
Joe Yuska,
and reminisce with former director Kelly Smith.

Friday, June 21

Space for this event is very limited, and will fill up!
11 a.m. Lecture and Lunch and Hike
World Forestry Center
David Douglas Room (located adjacent to the main museum)

Kenneth Clifton, associate professor of biology, lectures on “Seeing Pattern in Nature: A Biologist’s Perspective on Enhancing Your Outdoor Experiences.”

Then, choose one of two hike options. Hikes will occur rain or shine.: 

-The more strenuous 4T hike (trail, tram, trolley, train) with Joe Yuska. Urban hike, expected to take 3.5 hours. Appropriate for children ages 12 and up.

-An interpretive hike of flora on the Wildwood Trail with Associate Professor of Biology Ken Clifton. Less strenuous. Appropriate for children ages 12 and up. ~1.5 hours.

Kelly Smith

5 p.m. Open House, Social and Dinner
Lewis & Clark Campus
College Outdoors Reunion Dinner. Spend time with current College Outdoors Director Joe Yuska and former director Kelly Smith, hear from current students,
and receive an insider’s tour of the Sequoia Building.

Saturday, June 22

9:30 a.m. Hike at Tryon Creek State Park. All ages welcome. 


Register for all College Outdoor Reunion activities through the Reunion Weekend registration form.

(This list was last updated June 6, 2013)
Randy Baker ‘81
Andrew Betts ‘93
Kenneth Clifton    
Margaret Coker ‘93
Laura Czarniecki ‘03
Lily Doebler ‘03
Gwendolyn Dwyer ‘08
Jamee Eriksen ‘03
Heidi Foster ‘88
Pamela Safford Ginter ‘71
Jeffrey Hayes ‘08
Patricia Horvatich ‘84
Carl Howard ‘63
Julia Huggins ‘13
Carolyn Kadas ‘83
Kristina Klein ‘08
Norma de la Cruz Kop ‘83
Nancy Ley ‘83
Kevin McAllister ‘08
Auvel McLaughlin ‘89
Jerry Miller ‘73
John Pearce ‘90
Mark Peterson ‘83
Scott Pillar ‘89
Ingri Quon ‘93
C. Gary Reiness    
Carla Shafer ‘66
Kelly Smith   
Anna Thomas ‘03
Erin Waterman ‘88
James West ‘53
Helen Doig West ‘54
Janine West ‘97
Joseph Yuska   

Questions? Please contact Angela Torretta at or 503.768.7838