Join the Alumni Weekend Team!

Alumni and Parent Programs is looking for students who want to work at Alumni Weekend, June 23-26, 2022! 

Find the details here. Find more information at the Jobs at Lewis & Clark website. Click on “L&C Student” and search for Alumni Weekend Reunion Assistant, job R-002551.

Aminn Obermayer '24

Aminn Obermayer ’24 he/him

I constantly chat with friends about books we have and have not read. Most of my free time is spent making song playlists inspired by random iPhone frames I take. Lately, I’ve been having a whole journey with contemporary UK jazz, which I certainly recommend. I am obsessed with scores in cinema. I read poetry in mostly Roman languages and am fascinated by the structural difference with English (although I am really bad at understanding it).

Anna Campbell '23

Anna Campbell ’23 she/her, they/them

Hello! I’m Anna Campbell, my friends call me AC, and I am a passionate, people-oriented creative. I’m an actor with a curious mind about the human experience which I get to observe on both ends in my experience as a theatre and psychology student. I love PNW moss, culture and media analysis, coffee shops, going to the movies, exploring new places, thrifting, and a good book. Excited for a great Alumni Reunion Weekend!

Madeline MacWilliamson '24

Madeline MacWilliamson ’24 she/her

I’m Madeleine. I am a sophomore political science major, minoring in university political economy. I’ve lived in every residence hall (except for Copeland), but I consider Watzek as my true residence hall. I love spending time in our beautiful library—there are always new spots to discover. Also, I love hosting my college radio show with my best friend; we play alternative rock on the airwaves. We frequent the Portland music scene together and play our favorites from the local rock scene. When I am not going to live music, I serve on student government. I was recently elected ASB President for the ’22-’23 academic year. I am excited to form new connections between administrators, faculty, alumni and students. We can chat about political science, college radio, student government, or stories about Watzek shenanigans!

Sophia Whyte

Sophia Whyte ’24 she/her

I really enjoy listening to all genres of music, I love comedy, I love learning languages and I am generally a very shy person.