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Privacy Policy

General Policy

The Office of Alumni and Parent Programs does not release personally identifiable information about members of the Lewis & Clark Community to outside parties, or other constituents. Exceptions are made for volunteers who are contacting classmates or groups of constituents for purposes connected with Lewis & Clark, for example, to invite classmates to a reunion or a local event. Before any information is released, volunteers sign a confidentiality agreement that outlines the storage, use, and disposal of such information.

Contact information for members of the L&C community that you gain access to because of your status with the institution may not be used for solicitation of any type. Protecting the privacy of alumni, parents, and friends of the college is of the utmost importance to the office of Alumni and Parent Programs. We are dedicated to building connections between members of the Lewis & Clark community, and we must also be mindful of individual’s privacy preferences.

Privacy in myLC

myLC, the new online alumni directory, lets you easily choose which information you want displayed to other alumni, and to update your contact and employment information. The default setting is to display your name, major, and class year. We encourage you to display your email, city, and phone, so that classmates can contact you directly. Only verified alumni can join myLC, so you don’t have to worry about phishing or unwanted solicitation.

If you choose to keep your information private, classmates will need to contact our office to reach you.

Requesting Alumni Information

First, search for your classmate through the myLC alumni directory. If your classmate did not choose to display their contact information, you will only see their name, major, and class year. If you want to contact that person, get in touch with us at or 503.768.7950, noting the person you would like to reach, any message, and your contact information. Our policy is to pass on the message to the person you are trying to reach, with your contact information.

If you are an alumni volunteer, you will need to submit our Confidentiality Agreement. Your staff contact will provide you a list.

Releasing Alumni Information

The alumni office provides appropriate contact information to alumni, parents, and members of the Student Alumni Association performing college-related business. This includes reunion activities, fundraising, and outreach opportunities. All volunteers first must submit our Confidentiality Agreement

Names Appearing Online

There are several occasions when your name might be listed online to indicate you are attending an event, or are a volunteer - class and affinity reunions, for example. If you ever find your name on an alumni website that you would like removed, please contact us at 503.768.7950 or

Questions and Concerns

Please contact the office of Alumni and Parent Programs at 503.768.7950 or if you have any questions or concerns.