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Black and Orange Parties

Volunteer to organize a Black and Orange Party in your city! 
In 2017, there were Black & Orange Parties worldwide and volunteers helped make it happen. 
These parties do not happen unless volunteers sign up to help.

Volunteer responsibilities:

1. Help find a restaurant/bar/lounge where you would like your city’s group to gather. The space can be private, semi-private, or a designated area within a larger space; it should be free. You will need to provide us with a contact person for the venue to arrange payment for attendees’ first drinks. A staff person from our office will help you throughout the entire process.

2. Attend the party and greet guests. About a week before, you will receive a packet containing blank nametags, markers, drink coupons, and other materials - everything you need to host the event.

3. Maintain contact with our office to set up the venue, reach out to local area alumni and parents, and mail the attendance sheet back to the office within a week of the party. Provide feedback on how we can improve for next year.

Staff from the Alumni & Parents office will take care of the rest - invitations, reminders, keeping track of RSVP’s, etc.

There is no financial commitment to be a volunteer unless you wish to donate/host the cost of the appetizers or drinks for the group. Our office will provide one drink per person, guests will purchase their own food.

Some cities will have multiple volunteers, so feel free to recruit alumni and parent friends to help you!

If you have questions, please contact Shishei Tsang at or call at 503-768-7955.