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Carla Salazar

Class of 1989
Lake Oswego, Oregon


 Carla Cavenago-Salazar, B.A. ’89, came to Lewis & Clark in the fall of 1985 as an international student and hails from Lima, Peru.  She majored in business and accounting and, while in college, interned at U.S. Bank in the international banking division.  Her career exposed her to 3 main industries: public accounting, financial, and retail.  She is currently the CFO for the band Pink Martini, in Portland.

While at Lewis & Clark, Carla passionately took advantage of the opportunities presented by College Outdoors and remembers the camaraderie of the cozy dorms on Palatine Hill.  She continues to pursue fun outdoors, be it riding her bike, hiking, or taking a moment to look out over a grand vista.  At home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Carla and her husband enjoy making an impeccable meal, exploring fine wines and celebrating with friends.

Reflecting upon her time at Lewis & Clark, Carla remembers many kind people that made a difference in her college experience as a whole.  “I am paying it forward, now I can bring my experience and skills to the table to help shape the experience of this generation and make it better.”  She is also grateful for the quality of education Lewis & Clark offered (and continues to offer) as well as the natural beauty of campus.  As she says, “Before Lewis & Clark, I was curious. Now I am inquisitive in an orderly fashion.”  This organized curiosity is sure to bring more fire to the Board of Alumni!