BOA October 25, 2009


  • 8:30 Convene over breakfast
    Welcome new members
  • 9:00 Erica Johnson, Acting Dean of Admissions
    Update on Class of 2013 and admissions trends
  • 9:20 Housekeeping
    Approval of Minutes
    Alerting Board to minor changes in procedures
  • 9:35 Alumni Office Report
  • 10:15 President's Report
  • 10:40 Introduction of Alumni Leadership Scholars
  • 10:45 Liaison Reports (limited to five minutes)
  • Board to Alumni: Chapter Reports
    –Meredith: Portland
    –Brian: New York
    –Happy Hours
  • 11:15 Board Photographs – Individual
  • 11:30 – 1:00 Careers for Pioneers (Moved to Stamm)
  • 1:00 Board Photograph – Group
  • 1:10 Liaison Reports, Continued
  • Campus to Board:
    Institutional Advancement
    Brad Elkins, ASLC President
    Alan Humphrey, Athletics Task Force
  • 1:30 Commmittee Reports and New Initiatives for Discussion and Vote
  • Committee Initiatives
    Fundraising Committee: BOA Annual Fund Challenge
    Events and Volunteers: Mentorship Initiative
    Communications Committee:
    Other Initiatives
    Further discussion of Spring meeting date, if necessary
  • 2:45 Committee Meetings
  • Focus:
    Welcome new committee members
    Actions to be accomplished before February board meeting
  • 3:15 Clear the Board's Parking Lot:
    –Address unfinished questions
    –Charge Board membes with tasks
  • 3:30 Adjourn

Documents & info

By Law Change Proposal
Guide Proposal
BOA Participation Challenge
APP Operations Report
May Meeting Minutes
Event Committee Overview

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