Templeton Scholars Program

Lewis & Clark College offers Portland-area high school students seeking an academic challenge the opportunity to undertake advanced study through our Templeton Scholars Program. Qualified students who have exhausted their high schools’ offerings may apply to the Templeton program. Templeton Scholars enroll in classes offered as part of the regular Lewis & Clark curriculum on a space-available basis and earn full Lewis & Clark credit for completed coursework.

Credit earned through the Templeton Scholars Program may be applied toward the Lewis & Clark degree. This credit may transfer to other institutions, but policies vary; students interested in this possibility should inquire with those schools. High schools may also give credit for courses taken through the Templeton Scholars Program. To learn more, ask your high school counselor.


There is no tuition; however, there is an administrative fee of $300.00 per semester. Your high school may cover this cost. You should discuss the availability of such funds with your high school counselor. You are responsible for the fee if it is not paid by your high school. You are also responsible for any additional course-related expenses, such as books and supplies. Those selected to participate in the program will receive further information related to the administrative fee payment.




Courses Offered for Fall 2022: 


  • GRK 101 - Classical Greek I
  • LATN 201 - Intermediate Latin I


  • HIST 222 - Britain in the Age of Revolution, 1688 to 1815

Mathematical Sciences

  • MATH 132 - Calculus II
  • MATH 233 - Calculus III
  • MATH 235 - Differential Equations


  • PHIL 217 - Science, Politics & Social Justice
  • PHIL 217 - Phenomenology & Existentialism 

Literature in Translation

  • CHIN 290 - Chinese literature in Translation: Classic Novels

World Languages

  • Third-Year language classes (300 level and above) for Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish (requires sufficient placement test proficiency)

Applying for Admission

Please see the application checklist below. Students must apply every semester for consideration as a Templeton scholar. To apply for admission, you must submit a completed Templeton Scholars Program Application Form along with a personal statement not longer than 500 words describing your academic experience in high school and explaining how coursework at Lewis & Clark will relate to your goals for the future.

After completing the application, please fill out the Templeton Scholar Reference Form where you will list both your teacher and counselor who can provide a reference for you to the program. Upon submission, a link will be provided to forward to them for further information (also available at the bottom of this page). Counselors must also provide copies of your high school transcripts. Please note: if you are applying to enroll as a Templeton Scholar for fall semester, your transcript must include your spring term grades. Be sure to ask your counselor to hold off sending a transcript until after the school year ends and final grades have posted.

In addition to your counselor, you should also ask for a reference from a high school teacher who has taught you in the subject area most closely aligned with the one you would like to pursue at Lewis & Clark and who can evaluate your ability to be successful in college-level work. Students applying to re-enroll as Templeton Scholars should have a Lewis & Clark instructor provide a letter of recommendation in lieu of this form.

If you are unable to include all necessary documentation when submitting the Templeton Scholars Application Form, please mail any remaining documentation to:

Lewis & Clark College
Templeton Scholars Program

615 S. Palatine Hill Road, MSC 32
Portland, OR 97219

Please note that all materials need to be received by the below stated deadlines in order to be considered for review.

Fall Deadline: July 21st

Spring Deadline: December 1st

The selection committee will make decisions on completed applications within three weeks following the deadlines and send notifications via email.

Application Checklist