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Tour Guides

Tour guides will give you a chance to see aspects of academic and residential life from a current student’s perspective. Tours are available Monday-Friday throughout the year and serve as the central piece of every campus visit.


Tour Guide Britt HolmquistBritt Holmquist ’23

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Puyallup, WA

Why did you choose LC? I came to campus for Admitted Student Preview and automatically felt more seen and appreciated than I had at any of my other college options. The fact that all my professors know my name and I’m not just a student ID number is very meaningful. Having that connection with my
professors has been helpful because it’s easier to reach out to them for help if I’m ever struggling,
whether it be with classwork or college in general.

What clubs are you involved in? I accidentally became involved in Pokemon Go club which was never something I thought I would say. I started playing the game solo for fun but then found a lot of other people on campus who play as well. We meet up for raids and special events a couple times a month and it has been an abstract but enjoyable way to meet new people.


Haley Rovner ’23Tour Guide Haley Rovner

Major: Computer Science & Math

Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to find cozy spots around campus to read while it’s raining outside, but I also enjoy baking and hula hoop dancing whenever I can find the time.

What clubs are you involved in? When I got to campus, I learned about the ACM student chapter at L&C which works on a lot of computer science related stuff around. I joined the board of this club because of the connection I was able to find with the math department at L&C, and because of the exposure to so much knowledge and new information I’ve been able to obtain while meeting with the other students.
I’m also involved in the fire arts club on campus. Throughout high school I performed in a circus as a hula hoop dancer and didn’t want to lose my passion for hooping or performing. I learned about the club before coming to campus and it has been an amazing way to keep up with practicing, meeting a ton of great people, and trying something that seemed a little scary when I first learned about it.


Tour Guide Hanna WrightHanna Wright ’23

Major: Psychology, Neuroscience minor

Hometown: Montrose, CA

Why did you choose LC?:I chose Lewis and Clark because I honestly loved the overall vibe of the school. From the small class sizes to the gorgeous campus, I knew right away that it was going to be my home away from home. The academics are competitive and L&C is a super accepting community that allows you to be yourself! There is so much L&C offers for so many different people and interests, it just felt right to me.

What’s your favorite place on campus?My favorite place on campus would have to be the gazebos below the reflecting pool. It’s a great place to sit and do some homework, chat with friends, or just to clear your head. The whole lawn and reflecting pool area is so gorgeous and relaxing. I even saw a shooting star sitting out there one night with some friends.


Tour Guide Luke RossonLuke Rosson ’23

Major: Economics

Hometown: Arlington, WA

Why did you choose LC? I chose LC because of the really friendly community and opportunity to get to know a wide variety of people in a tightly-knit community. Having Portland right next door while also being on a beautiful campus was certainly a great added bonus.

What advice would you give an incoming LC student? Get involved in clubs, even if they aren’t right up your alley! You’ll meet lots of new people and expand your horizons with new activities! There are plenty of cool clubs that cover a bunch of different interests, so you’ll surely find a few that you’ll be interested in.


Olivia Weiss ’23Tour Guide Olivia Weiss

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Culver City, CA

What clubs are you involved in? I am involved in the FSU (Feminist Student Union), KLC (the student-run radio station), YDSA (Young Democratic Socialists of America), and I am a student senator on ASLC. I am involved in a lot of extracurricular activities because I find that they give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge outside of the traditional classroom setting. Clubs are a great way to meet people and there is a student organization for practically every possible interest!

What advice would you give an incoming LC student? College is a mixed bag, it is not the mythical experience that we see in movies or hear about from our family members. Facing obstacles are inevitable, but L&C has the resources to help you overcome the challenges that come with starting college. Whether that be needing academic support, health-related needs, or anything else, Lewis & Clark cares for its students and offers the resources to ensure you have a positive overall experience.


Quentin Gaul ’22Tour Guide Quentin Gaul

Major: Political Science & Hispanic Studies

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

What’s your favorite place on campus?: Every time I pass through the estate gardens at the heart of campus I can’t help but feel happy and amazed that I’m surrounded by so much beauty. Lounging on the grass is great for when sunny, and looking out over the reflecting pool from the little gazebos is great for rainy days. I also enjoy taking pictures of the moss that clings to the rock walls along the path between academics and the bridge over the revenue. The whole garden area is just a gem and I’m glad I get to enjoy it every day.

What advice would you give to an incoming LC student? The advice I would give incoming students and that I would have given my past first-year self is to push yourself to get involved in everything and find the things you want to dedicate your energy to. Freshman year is full of a million new opportunities and you should take advantage of all of them until you find the activities your most passionate about on campus or in the community. Your 4 years are going to fly by, especially is you study abroad and have less time on campus, so you have to take full advantage of the time you have here. You won’t regret pushing yourself to get out of your room and get involved, I promise.


Rachel Mattson ’23Tour Guide Rachel Mattson

Major: Psychology

Hometown: St. Louis Park, MN

What’s your favorite place on campus? My favorite place right now is the Coop! It is such a cool spot to just hang out with friends and do homework. The live performances are also always a blast to go to. The vibe in there is really fun and welcoming. It really transports you out of the academic life while still staying on campus.

What’s been your favorite event at LC? My favorite event at L&C was either the Play Fair during New Student Orientation or midnight breakfast. The Play Fair was a super fun event where I got to meet a ton of new people and some of my current friends! Midnight breakfast felt like home away from home. I mean who doesn’t love breakfast food at midnight with your friends! Both events hold great memories in my heart.


Tour Guide Roland Berg

Roland Berg ’22

Major: Biology & English

Hometown: St Paul, MN

What has been your favorite class so far? My favorite class was my Exploration and Discovery Section my first semester. This our version of a freshman seminar. I found it so interesting to discuss such a wide range of material and find connections between our texts, and it was an extremely fun introduction into classes at Lewis & Clark!

What’s your favorite event at LC? One of my favorite events at Lewis & Clark was my New Student Trip through College Outdoors. I kayaked and hiked on Waldo Lake for the week before New Student Orientation, and it was such an amazing and unforgettable way to start my college experience. I would highly highly highly recommend!




Rosemary Hickman ’23Tour Guide Rosemary Hickman

Majors: Psychology & International Affairs

Hometown: Bellingham, WA

What has been your favorite class so far? I have really enjoyed IA 100 with Cyrus Partovi. Each class is something new and different and usually something funny happens. I think it has also broadened my perspective on the world.

What clubs are you involved in? I am involved with College Outdoors, which I like because it provides opportunities to get off campus and go on super fun adventures, and it’s also a great community and a great way to meet people. I am also involved with the LC Dance Company, because I love to dance and they are a wonderful community of people who share my passion.





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