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Real Life Responsibilities

  • Each week, each Real Life blogger will post at least one video entry of between one and two minutes, or one written entry of at least 250 words. Blogs will be posted by midnight each Sunday night, beginning September 29, 2019.
  • Bloggers may request to takeover Lewis & Clark’s snapchat or Instagram accounts. A student takeover day takes the place of a written post for that week. 
  • Posting of short video entries is encouraged.  The form of these videos is up to you, but perhaps the style will have the look and feel something like the “confession” segments of reality TV shows. Utilizing this style will hopefully mean that very little video editing is required, and help will be available for video editing and any software questions. That being said, if you want to create videos that involve more editing, they would be a welcome addition to the blog.
  • Blogs should strike a balance between describing what happened during the week/impressions of those events (On Tuesday Julie & I blew off some steam after the big French exam by having a waterfight in the Akin kitchen. I don’t think our RA was too happy with us until we promised to clean up the mess and help him with his Physics homework.) and more abstract musings (If I take Chemistry next year will I still have room for Linear Algebra and if so, can I also fit in Poekelan? What will that mean for my development as an artist?). Be sure to strike a balance between extracurricular and social activities and academic work. College isn’t just about classes and studying 24/7 - but it’s also not a 24-hour-a-day party, either. Your blog will be more compelling if you tell fewer stories well - no one wants to read an hour-by-hour recitation of your life. For an example of what we’re looking for, read previous blog entries or ask!  The coordinator of the program is more than happy to help brainstorm ideas, but we want the content to come from you!
  • Prospective students are the primary audience for the blogs. Other audiences include parents, alumni, faculty, staff, current students, and anyone else who comes upon the L&C website. For this reason, it will be important for bloggers to remember that publishing information they don’t want the Dean of Students, professors, their parents or future employers to read is not advisable. Just as within our residential college community the expectation is to treat others with respect, so does that expectation extend to your presence on the L&C web site. For further information please refer to the Student Code of Conduct. Bloggers are expected to refrain from posting inappropriate content, in text or photo form.
  • Proofreading and editing is an important part of the blog writing or video creating process. Please edit each entry thoroughly before posting. If necessary, write your entry in Word, use spellcheck, then paste it into your posting.  Very rarely, you may be asked by the Admissions office to correct a factual or typographical error.
  • Bloggers are expected to act in accordance with College rules and regulations, and to remain in good academic standing.
  • Bloggers will receive $20 per week with the expectation that one blog will be completed per-week.
  • Due to special circumstances, if a blogger must skip a week of blogging, they must notify a blog admin in advance. If an exception is granted, they will be asked to complete a second blog either the week before or after the week that will be skipped and will still receive the $20 for the week that was missed. If these steps are not followed, or an exception is not granted, a blogger will not receive their $20 for that week. 
  • If a blogger fails to meet these job responsibilities, they may be asked to stop blogging.

Thank you for your interest in Real Life, and please let us know if you have any questions! 

Juan Carlos Archila and Samantha Stockdale

Office of Admissions