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Is L&C Right for You?

There are lots of questions you’ll explore at Lewis & Clark College. A residential college with a global reach, Lewis & Clark is the ideal place to begin exploring the world and your place in it.

Explore…  Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

At Lewis & Clark, you’ll meet some of the most interesting people in the world, and learn more about yourself in the process. You’ll be exposed to new cultures and new ideas through classes, overseas study programs, and day-to-day life on the campus of one of America’s most international colleges.

Over half of each graduating class from Lewis & Clark participates in off-campus and overseas study programs.  You might go to Senegal, Germany, Japan, Scotland, Ecuador, Russia, Cuba, India ”, or stay right here and get a daily education from the diverse student body. 

Explore… Academics at Lewis & Clark

Whatever your interests (and if you’re like most Lewis & Clark students, you have many), you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore them here. As a college of liberal arts and sciences, Lewis & Clark offers reading, writing, and arithmetic— plus Japanese painting, African-American literature, international economics, marine biology, advanced gamelan techniques, computer architecture, feminist theory, existentialism, quantum physics, natural resource politics, pre-law, pre-med, Buddhism, theatrical lighting ”; you get the idea. You might find it tough to narrow down your choices, but that’s OK. We encourage open minds.

Explore…  Portland, Oregon

Lewis & Clark College is located in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.—possibly one of the most environmentally rich corners of the Earth. Without leaving campus, you can explore forested trails for moments of quiet contemplation. The Pacific Northwest abounds in natural wonders, from rugged ocean coastline to high desert and from mountain peaks to Hells Canyon. In the midst of so much beauty so worthy of protection, it’s not surprising that our law school is currently ranked first in the nation in environmental and natural resources law.

Don’t despair, city folks. While outdoor adventurers love our location, so do city people, who find downtown Portland (just six miles away) to be one of the cleanest, most accessible cities in the United States. Portland’s high-tech industry and business environment make internship and job opportunities—not to mention entertainment—plentiful, to say the least.

Explore… campus living

Lewis & Clark is committed to residential education — the exploration of ideas, values, beliefs, and backgrounds; the discovery of lifelong friendships; and collaboration, both formal and informal. As you begin your journey, we encourage you to be purposeful and disciplined in your actions, open to new ideas, caring of those around you, and celebrative of who you are and your role in the greater community.



Explore…and Discover!

All first-year Lewis & Clark students receive a common foundation through a yearlong course called Exploration and Discovery. Over its two intensive semesters, students experience the vital affinity between shared intellectual exploration and individual pathways of discovery, while also sharpening their skills in writing, reading, reasoning, and speaking.



Explore… Athletics and Physical Education

Athletic opportunities at Lewis & Clark range from NCAA Division III varsity sports to club teams and intramurals, each offering a different level of competitiveness and commitment. All, however, share the goal of developing mind, body, and spirit — a whole human being.





Do any of these describe you?

  • an academic achiever
  • an independently minded scholar who loves a challenge
  • a planner with the ability to carry through on projects
  • a creative and collaborative thinker
  • a multi-talented individual with diverse interests
  • a committed and open-minded member of the global community.

If these sound like you, we encourage you to explore Lewis & Clark College!