Test-Optional Policy

  • Lewis & Clark’s Test-Optional Policy & COVID-19

    We want our community (and all communities) to be safe during the current health crisis with COVID-19. Our test-optional policy means you really do not need to send us scores. If you’re considering taking the SAT or the ACT for the purpose of applying to Lewis & Clark College, please don’t. Your health is more important to us.

Lewis & Clark College adopted a test-optional admissions policy in 1991 with the belief that standardized testing does not always accurately reflect a student’s true academic potential. A leader in the test-optional movement, we have for nearly 30 years given students the option to replace their scores with a portfolio of academic coursework, known as the Test-Optional Portfolio Path.

This policy has recently been updated.

Starting with the spring and fall 2021 incoming classes, students applying to Lewis & Clark will not be required to submit test scores. If scores are self-reported or sent by a school official or testing agency, we will include them in our holistic review of a student’s application materials for admission; however, they will not play a role in the awarding of merit-based or need-based financial aid.