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  • Real Life is an online journal where undergraduate students blog about what it’s like to live, breathe, and study at Lewis & Clark. The Admissions Office has sponsored this journal since 2003. Go

  • marty hart-landsbergMartin Hart-Landsberg, professor of economics, blogs about the latest economic trends and news, sifting through countless reports and analyses and offering his insights in plain English. Go

  • Courtesy of The California League of Women Voters

    The Lewis & Clark Politics blog is a forum for politically interested Lewis & Clark students to ask serious questions about politics. Go

  • She was named a Neely scholar.
    We awarded the Neely Scholarship to him.

  • For second and subsequent references, use hall of fame.

  • Use  alumni association  on second and subsequent references.

  • Capitalize when referring to the College of Arts and Sciences’ General Education requirements.

    • first-year student
    • sophomore or second-year student
    • junior
    • senior
  • She’s thinking of becoming a biochemistry/molecular biology major.

  • Okay to abbreviate to CAB on second and subsequent references.

  • Use AES for second and subsequent references.

  • mielMiel (Davis) Hendrickson BA ’99 splits her time between Washington D.C. and Africa, where she works on international relief and development projects. Her blog chronicles her travels. Go

  • peter ames carlinPeter Ames Carlin BA ’85 is the author of critically acclaimed biographies about Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson. He blogs about music, television, and other pop culture news. Go

  • paulstoutonghiPauls Toutonghi, assistant professor of English, blogs about writing, teaching, and current events. Go



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