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  • In addition to maintaining a rigorous schedule of classes and accompanying assignments, from late August through mid-June, you will be working in a classroom with a mentor teacher. This creates the best possible learning opportunities but a very demanding schedule. Therefore, the faculty discourages students from attempting to hold additional employment.

  • You can expect to be in classes or your placement classroom every day. Some classes are held in the early evening. The schedule varies slightly for each cohort.

  • You will need to have a strong background in the subject area that you wish to teach. This may involve a college major or minor or other extensive academic work in the field you are planning to teach. Advisers review transcripts of applicants to determine if additional coursework may be required before qualifying for admission.

    The following are the available subject areas for high school teacher candidates at Lewis & Clark:

  • The Oregon license transfers to most states. It is best to check with the state that you’re researching about their regulations. Detailed information on state licensing is available on the Educational Career and Licensing Services’ website.

  • The Preservice program is a full-time 12-13 month program which begins each year in mid-June. Students completing the licensure portion of the program often have their Oregon teaching licenses in hand by the end of July.

  • No, the only licensure program we currently offer is a full-time program in which you will complete all of the requirements for an Oregon teaching license and will obtain a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

  • Yes! We welcome your calls and visits to campus. One way to connect with our faculty is to attend a faculty-facilitated Information Session. We offer face-to-face and virtual sessions regularly. See the Info Session webpage for the schedule. Another way to connect with faculty is to contact them directly. 

  • The Teacher Education Staff is available and able to answer many questions you may have about our programs. We encourage your calls to 503-768-6100 and emails to

  • 1. Complete the following courses:

    • ESOL 535 (High school) or ESOL 535 A/B (Elementary) Effective Practice in Teaching English Language Learners (2 SH)  (Required of all preservice students.)
    • CORE 505 Immigrants in the US or CORE 568 Tapping Community Resources to Support Minority Populations (2 SH)

    2. Apply and be admitted to the ESOL endorsement program for preservice students (ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement Track II).

    3. Complete the following courses:

    • ED 516 Intern Practicum III (Early childhood/Elementary) or ED 546/646 Classroom Teaching III (Middle/High School Level) in a pre-service M.A.T. program at Lewis and Clark.

    4. Complete the courses:

    • ESOL 500/600 Historical and Legal foundations of Education ESOL/Bilingual Studies (3 SH)
    • ESOL507/607Language Acquisition/Development (3H)
    • ESOL 505/605 Bilingual Practicum (2 SH)

    *Remember to seek approval for the practicum first

    5. Take and pass the NES/ORELA: ESOL test.

    6. (Optional) Take Lewis & Clark Spanish assessment OR NES/ORELA language test(s) if adding the bilingual endorsement.

    7. Portfolio Submission and Faculty Approval

    • Includes key assignments from Courses in the ESOL Endorsement

    8. Apply to TSPC to Add the ESOL Endorsement



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  • Students must pass the following tests to be eligible for a recommendation by Lewis & Clark for teacher licensure in any state. Detailed information regarding the point in the program by which each test must be passed is available in the program handbook.The required tests are:

    1. ORELA: Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment Exam
    2. NES: Elementary Test, Subtests 1 and 2
    3. NES:English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Test (required only for those pursuing the ESOL endorsement)

    Students may view completed tests, including scores, by logging into their WebAdvisor account.

    Additional details can be found on our licensing and career office web page.


  • While the college does not offer on-site childcare, resources for community members are available at

  • Once admitted to the program, you will be asked to complete a Placement Application where you may indicate your preferences. It is very important that you allow the placements to be done by the college. Do not contact the schools directly or it may jeopardize your placement and the process and procedure that must be followed.

    We believe your internship placement should expand your network of professional contacts and enhance your educational experience. For this reason placements will not be made in schools where interns have been previously employed, where the intern attended, where a relative works, or where his/her children attend/have attended.

  • We currently offer three endorsement specializations: Reading (Language and Literacy), ESOL (and ESOL/Bilingual), and Special Education. All of the endorsement programs have the requirements for the Oregon Continuing Teaching License embedded. In addition, endorsements may be added to master’s degree programs in Curriculum and Instruction. We also offer a specialized Master of Education with Special Education Endorsement program.

  • The classes are offered in the summer and evenings to accommodate the working educator. Most endorsements are completed within 1-3 years. If you apply for a master’s degree, you are expected to complete the degree program within 5 years.

  • We have offered ESOL courses on-line. We also offer classes in communities in the Portland metro area, central Oregon, eastern Oregon and other locations around the state.

    • M.Ed.: Curriculum and Instruction: This degree allows you to design a highly flexible program that may include one or more of the endorsements we offer.
    • M.Ed.: Special Education is a master’s degree for licensed teachers who seek to earn a degree and complete the requirements for a special educator endorsement with a focus on k-12 students who have special behavioral and academic needs.
  • While we encourage you to be admitted to your program as close to the start of the program as possible, you may register for and take a class at any time (using “special student” registration). However, you may only complete 9 hours of credit before you must be admitted to a program.

  • In short, yes. We offer a track of our ESOL Endorsement (normally for inservice teachers) that allows M.A.T. students to embed a significant amount of endorsement coursework into their preservice program. Interested students should read the FAQs explaining how to embed ESOL endorsement coursework into your M.A.T. program. You will not complete your endorsement until after successful completion of your M.A.T. program, some additional coursework, and an ESOL practicum. For program details, see Track II of the ESOL Endorsement in our current catalog.

  • Yes. We offer a track of our ESOL endorsement program (normally for inservice teachers) that allows M.A.T. students to embed a significant amount of endorsement coursework into their preservice program. For program details, see Track II of the ESOL Endorsement in our current catalog.

    Students will take up to two endorsement courses during their M.A.T. program. The remaining courses must be taken after the M.A.T. intern practicum has been successfully completed.

  • Ideally, students will take two ESOL endorsement courses during their M.A.T. program:

    • ESOL 535 or ESOL 535A/ESOL 535B
    • CORE 505 or CORE 568 (either of these courses fulfills your 2 semester hour M.A.T Core requirement)
    • Note: Course descriptions available in the course catalog

    If you do not take two endorsement courses prior to completing your M.A.T. degree, you will still be able to take them after you graduate. After completing your degree, you will also be able, if you want, to replace the Core class with ESOL 502.

  • Current preservice students interested in the ESOL endorsement are eligible for an abbreviated admissions process. Students can apply to the program after successfully completing their student teaching (ED 516 or ED 546).

    Students must complete a Preservice Request to Add ESOL Track II form. The completed form is returned to the Admissions office who then submits the request form and any required documentation to Teacher Education faculty for review and an admissions decision. The Admissions office will notify the student of the faculty decision.

    Important note: Contact the Financial Aid Office to determine whether or not ESOL courses taken during the second summer of your MAT program are eligible for financial aid.

  • The ESOL portfolio is a compilation of assignments from each of the ESOL endorsement courses and the evaluation from the practicum. It must be successfully completed in order for Lewis & Clark to recommend you to the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission for your ESOL endorsement. It is important that you download the portfolio requirement from the ESOL website so that you can remember to keep the assignments for each session.


  • To be able to register for ESOL 505 (ESOL/Bilingual Practicum) you must have first successfully completed your preservice internship/practicum (student teaching) experience. (For students in the Early Childhood/Elementary program, this is ED 516. For students in the Middle-Level/High School program it is ED 546.) You must also have completed the Theory and Practice courses (for students in the Early Childhood/Elementary program, this is ESOL 535. For students in the Middle-Level/High School program it is ESOL 535A and ESOL 535B.)

  • The ESOL practicum, whenever possible, should be done in an ESL pullout or push-in setting. If the practicum is done during summer school or in a sheltered classroom it is the candidate’s responsibility to teach ESL as part of the practicum experience. The practicum must be held in a classroom where the teacher of record holds an ESOL endorsement. Before starting the practicum the site must be approved by the ESOL advisor.

  • Teachers holding an Initial or Continuing teaching license, must complete their practicum in either the early childhood/elementary (pre-K through 8th grade) OR the middle level/high school (5th through 12th grades) authorization levels. Most often, the endorsement practicum is completed in the grade range for which you are already authorized to teach on your existing teaching license.

    The ESOL/Bilingual endorsement will be granted for teaching in the paired authorization level in which you complete their practicum (in other words, either early childhood/elementary OR middle-level/high school).

    In order to earn the endorsement at BOTH paired levels (i.e., pre-K through 12th grade), you must enroll in and complete an additional practicum at the second paired level.


  • No, you cannot use your student teaching site as the practicum site.

  • Once the site has been approved you will be assigned a Lewis & Clark advisor who will go out to observe you three times during the semester. The advisor will evaluate you and will provide you with a copy of these evaluations. A copy of the final practicum observation will be included in your file and will be part of your portfolio.

  • Yes. Up-to-date test requires can be found in the ESOL Endorsement program of study in the academic catalog.

  • Speakers of Spanish can take an additional Spanish Assessment, which allows you to earn the Bilingual portion of the ESOL endorsement. The assessment is offered every two years at Lewis & Clark. For speakers of Spanish and/or other world languages, you can take and pass the NES/ORELA in your preferred language.

    To add the bilingual portion of the ESOL endorsement, you have two options:

    • If you are admitted to the ESOL/Bilingual endorsement program at Lewis & Clark, once you complete all of the program requirements, including successfully passing the Spanish Assessment, Lewis & Clark will recommend you to TSPC for the endorsement.
    • If you are admitted to the ESOL endorsement program at Lewis & Clark, once you complete all of the program requirements and pass one or more of the NES/ORELA world language tests, Lewis & Clark will recommend you to TSPC for the ESOL endorsement and you will indicate to TSPC on your C-1 application form that you are also adding the Bilingual endorsement based on your passing test score(s).




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