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  • SEO Survey

    We have great content, but that means nothing if it’s not findable. In this case, we’re not talking about our search engine, but external search engines like Google. We’re happy to have local experts Amplify Interactive apply a second set of eyes to check our work, and talk over some of the ways we can do even better with the content we already have. (David)

    1. 26 Aug: Complete action plan and summary from Amplify.
    2. 19 Aug: Review final report with Tom / Amplify.
    3. 19 Jul: Delivered needed search materials.
    4. 15 Jul: Acted on key 307 and 404s; improved redirecting handling.
    5. 29 Jun: End mirroring of school content.

    We do offer and administer a blog engine, which at this point is strictly a place to house marketing-oriented blogs here at an address. Currently, we need to merge several disparate instances of the blogs and upgrade them all to the latest edition of wordpress. Eventually, we may partner with IT to make this resource more widely available, but there’s no timetable on such a move.


  • September 18
    The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s German Chancellor Fellowship Programme is for university graduates from the United States, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China with an interest in international issues and demonstrated leadership potential. The programme is targeted at accomplished young professionals who are likely to become decision-makers, thought leaders, and influential voices in their respective fields. Fellows will be recruited from a broad range of areas such as politics and public policy, law, media, business, the non-governmental sector, and the arts. The programme provides fellows the opportunity to spend one year in Germany, where they will network with other prospective leaders from abroad and explore new solutions to the global issues of our times. This prestigious programme builds on Germany’s established and growing reputation as a favored destination for problem-focused international dialogue and a meeting place for tomorrow’s international leaders.
  • January 31
    The Lagrant Foundation offers $5,000 scholarships to minority undergraduates who intend to pursue a career in public relations, marketing, or advertising. The selection process is based on an essay contest. Graduate scholarships of $10,000 are also available.
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