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  • Legacy Archiving and Removal

    We are archiving and removing content located on the web server on our way to dismantling Trillium in October. This process follows a specific protocol in order to maintain as many redirects for users and search engine authority as possible. Please note that this work does not include any of the ~tilde web content that is also served from (Morgan and Lawrence)

    1. 3 Jan: Begin removing trillium cgi/perl code.
    2. 29 Sep: We completed the removal of all Trillium-edited content from legacy, except special cases.
    3. 29 Sep: Excluding select applications, all caps Trillium sites removed.
    4. 15 Sep: /faculty/ sites removed and /objects folders in sites are removed.
    5. 30 Aug: All /org/ sites were removed (excluding select exceptions).


  • The Mullins sisters
    March 27
    When Jeanie Mullins ’16 starts classes in the fall, she’ll have more than the usual campus support – she’s the youngest of four close-knit sisters who have decided to join the Lewis & Clark community in the last six years. Jeanie and her sisters – Jessica ’10, Jennifer ’12 and Jet’aime Mullins ’13 – are part of a strong legacy tradition of families who choose to attend L&C, and credit the College with starting them on the road to success.
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