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  • For an estimated total cost of your program, go to the Paying for Graduate School  page and multiply the number of credits of your program by the cost per credit. To determine the cost of tuition for a current semester, multiply by the number of credits registered by the current cost per credit. Students who take courses off campus may be charged a lesser fee. As a rule, tuition increases each summer.

  • You can find complete information about the application process on the Graduate Admissions website. Students who obtained their Initial Administrator license from Lewis & Clark may be eligible for an abbreviated application process and can find details on the Alumni Applicants page. 


  • Someone who is a practicing administrator or someone who has an Initial Administrator license and plans to move into an administrative position within the next three years.

  • Students experience diverse classes with naturally occurring networks of colleagues and fellow educational leaders; instructors who take a genuine and personal interest in them as students; access to online instructional tools and resources; and a college library media program that offers remote access, special assistance from experienced librarians, and a range of outstanding subscription databases.

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