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  • Robert Oakes BA ’85 moved back to Salem, Oregon, after 30 years in California.

  • Jennifer Busch BA ’85 lives in Golden, Colorado. She just ended an eight-year quest to become, first, a physical therapist then, second, a physical therapist assistant, as she realized she does not want to be either of those things. Busch has returned to her passion, teaching Pilates, and works throughout the Denver area. Her son lives and works in Durango, Colorado. Her daughter, a junior at Lewis & Clark, is studying abroad in the Munich program.

  • Karla Fischer BS ’85 has worked for more than 25 years as a consultant with public defender offices around the country, focusing on murder cases in which battered women kill their abusive partners. After earning a PhD in psychology and becoming a licensed attorney, she taught courses in domestic violence and related fields until 2018. Fischer’s son is a first-year student at a Midwestern liberal arts college, freeing her to take a snorkeling trip to the Galapagos Islands with her mother, which has always been on her bucket list. 

  • Kate Ashbey BA ’85 is a tenured faculty member in early childhood education at Shasta College in Redding, California. As president of the California Cascades Association for the Education of Young Children, she is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences. She hopes to be on sabbatical in fall 2020, visiting undergraduate research programs around the country in an effort to establish opportunities for students to pursue their own research topics in education. In her spare time, she skippers sailboats in the Pacific Northwest and Canada with Diana Bonyhadi BA ’83, whom she met on the Lewis & Clark sailing team almost 40 years ago. Their next big adventure is in Croatia.

  • Thomas Crowder BA ’85 will celebrate 21 years in Holy Orders in the Anglican Catholic Church in July 2020. He has been nominated twice to serve as a bishop of the church. Crowder currently serves a parish in the Virginia Tidewater region, where he has been rector for seven years. His family consists of Pepper, a Chihuahua, who allows Crowder to tend to his every whim. There are no two-legged children as of yet. 

  • Donna Roisom BS ’78, MAT ’85 was named the 2017-18 Northwest Coach of the Year for Girls Tennis by the National Federation of High School Coaches Association. Roisom heads the girls tennis program at Grant High School in Portland. While at Lewis & Clark, she played tennis, soccer, and basketball. In 1976, she was ranked No. 1 in the National Collegiate Water Ski Association with an undefeated season.

  • Kate Brown JD ’85, the governor of Oregon, was elected vice chair of the Western Governors’ Association. She joins incoming chair Doug Burgum, governor of North Dakota, in providing leadership for the association’s regional policy work. The Western Governors’ Association was established in 1984 to foster nonpartisan policy development, the exchange of information, and collective action on issues of critical importance to 19 Western states and 3 U.S. territories in the Pacific.

  • Mike Sellers BS ’85 is director of the game design program at Indiana University. He authored the textbook Advanced Game Design: A Systems Approach (Addison-Wesley, 2017). Mike enjoys life with wife Jo Anna, their six adult children, and six grandchildren.

  • Carol Terril-Hanchrow MA ’85, September 15, 2018, age 80. Terril-Hanchrow worked as a family and marriage counselor, therapist, and Hakomi practitioner. Her life took her to a variety of places, including California, Alaska, Oregon, and Arkansas. She also spent time living on the tundra with Native peoples, which gave her insights she would later use in her therapy and counseling work. Survivors include her husband, Jesse; children Erzsi, Stevie, and Tommy; stepchildren Marsha and Eric; and five grandchildren.

  • Chris Chopyak BA ’85 reports that her company, Arlosoul: Visualize Innovation, is one of only a handful of U.S. firms that visually cocreates business strategies with its clients. Chopyak lives in Denver with her husband, John Herge, a leader in KPMG’s advisory practice. The couple enjoys travel, are self-confessed “foodies,” and support causes such as GRID Alternatives and female entrepreneurship.

  • Anna Edison BA ’85 is an instructional coach/mentor in Oregon’s Salem-Keizer school district. She and Chris Edison BA ’84 have been married for over 30 years, and have three children: Molly, a 2018 graduate of Pitzer College; Jamie (Whitman ’14), a software engineer in San Diego; and Alex (Bowdoin ’13), who is finishing his doctorate in theoretical physics at University of California at Los Angeles. Anna and Chris have met significant health challenges head-on, and appreciate each day as a gift. Chris was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s 13 years ago, is retired and works hard to keep strong in the face of his disease. Anna was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, but is now cancer-free. She has joined a dragon boat team of mostly cancer survivors, which will celebrate survivorship by racing throughout the Northwest this year.

  • Charles Bingham BS ’85 was recently selected as the first Alaskan to participate in the Walking College Fellowship program, a six-month walking advocacy education program coordinated by America Walks. As part of the fellowship, he will attend the Walk/Bike/Places conference in New Orleans this fall and complete a Walking Action Plan for Sitka. Bingham is active in many community initiatives, including the Walk Sitka program, the Sitka Bicycle Friendly Community Coalition, and the Sitka Outdoor Recreation Coalition (Get Out, Sitka!). He is also helping start a statewide walking and bicycling advocacy group called Walk/Bike Alaska. In addition, Bingham is president of the Sitka Local Foods Network board of directors and serves on the governing board for the Alaska Food Policy Council. A former newspaper journalist and media/PR specialist, Bingham now runs a freelance editorial and marketing services company.

  • Katie Cook BA ’85 grew up in Berkeley, California; however, after meeting her husband, Tom Rietmann, she made a major life change. For the past 28 years, Tom and Katie have built their lives on his family’s remote cattle and wheat ranch located above the John Day River between Wasco and Condon, Oregon. After earning an MAT from Eastern Oregon University, Cook taught English at Condon High School for eight years. Now that the youngest of the couple’s three children has graduated from high school, Cook has decided to take a break from teaching to do more traveling and writing. Tom and Katie are looking forward to traveling to India in fall 2018 with Cook’s brother, Peter Cook BA ’83. While at L&C, Katie participated in the Costa Rica program and the art/theatre program in New York City. “I will always be grateful for these experiences. Being part of Oregon’s agricultural world requires an international perspective, and these two programs helped to expand my understanding of the wonders of the world.”

  • Christine Chopyak BA ’85, CEO and visual strategist for her company Arlosoul, focuses on the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” in her book Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions with the Power of Visuals. Chopyak shows how and why pictures are essential to clarifying and simplifying business complexities. This book and its contents are regularly used by business leaders from Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. McGrawHill Education, 2013. 240 pages.

  • Ken Dickey BA ’85 has joined 3650 REIT, a commercial real estate lending, investment, and services firm. He leads the firm’s fixed rate originations platform. Previously, Dickey was managing director at the Bank of New York Mellon.

  • Chris Newell BA ’85 and Astrid (Furniss) Newell BA ’85 live in Bellingham, Washington, Chris’ hometown. He is an anesthesiologist with Bellingham Anesthesia Associates. Astrid, a family physician by training, manages the Community Health Division of the Whatcom County Health Department and serves as a state and local advocate for young children and their families. Their two young-adult sons, Ryan and Jason, are pursuing career and education opportunities in ocean sciences and geography, respectively. After purchasing a vacation cottage on Lopez Island, Chris and Astrid are excited to be fixing it up and spending time kayaking, hiking, and biking in the beautiful San Juan Islands.

  • Bill Pollard BA ’85 and Jennifer Hildebran Pollard BA ’85 live in the Bellevue, Washington, area. They enjoy being empty nesters, especially while traveling and building a new home. Their older son lives and works in Palo Alto, California, and their daughter is a junior at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania.

  • Astrid Furniss Newell BA ’85 and Chris Newell BA ’85 live in Bellingham, Washington, Chris’ hometown. Astrid, a family physician by training, manages the Community Health Division of the Whatcom County Health Department and serves as a state and local advocate for young children and their families. Chris is an anesthesiologist with Bellingham Anesthesia Associates. Their two young-adult sons, Ryan and Jason, are pursuing careers and education opportunities in ocean sciences and geography, respectively. After purchasing a vacation cottage on Lopez Island in the San Juans, Chris and Astrid are excited to be fixing it up and spending time kayaking, hiking, and biking.

  • Jennifer Hildebran Pollard BA ’85 and Bill Pollard BA ’85 live in the Bellevue, Washington, area. They enjoy being empty nesters, especially while traveling and building a new home. Their older son lives and works in Palo Alto, California, and their daughter is a junior at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania.

  • Norman David Malbin JD ’85 died of heart failure on October 1, 2017, at the age of 68.

    A Portland labor lawyer who served for more than two decades as general counsel for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 48, Norman was an influential and highly respected figure in the Oregon labor movement. Hundreds of union activists were trained at the annual Oregon Labor Law Conference, which he founded in 1996 and directed until his retirement three years ago. He wrote a pamphlet while still in private practice, explaining wage and hour law in layperson’s language. It is still widely read by workers of all trades who deal with wage theft and other abuses of nonunion contractors.

    Norman inherited a passion for social justice from his parents, both of whom paid a price for their convictions during the McCarthy era. His father, Dr. Morris Malbin, treated workers in Portland’s shipyards during World War II and was instrumental in setting up Kaiser’s pioneering group health insurance plan for union members during and after the war. Dr. Malbin also passed along a passion for sailing to his son, who always joked that he wanted to be a tugboat captain when he grew up.

    Norman studied psychology at the University of Denver, planning to be a child psychologist. He took a series of jobs with nonprofits dealing with youth unemployment and delinquency, but a stint as director of research for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries sparked an interest in labor law, and he began taking night classes at Lewis & Clark Law School.

    Norman spent three years with two different firms before opening his own office. He served both unions and individual workers without union protection. At IBEW Local 48 Norman provided free legal services at the union hall, where union members could get advice on a wide variety of legal problems. Though he formally retired in 2014, he continued to do work for IBEW. Two of the last projects Norman worked on were union research on job discrimination against women electricians and a grant proposal for FASCETS, a pioneering nonprofit founded by his sister Diane Malbin to educate people about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and other neurobehavioral conditions.

    Behind Norm’s take-charge personality and booming voice was a caring and sensitive man with a big heart and a wonderful sense of humor. He was skilled at conflict resolution and generous in spirit and deed, extending himself time and again to people needing help. He loved a good argument, not just for the thrill of competition but out of genuine curiosity and confidence that his adversaries had something to teach him. He took pride in the fact that his children were both union members and politically active. He was most in his element sailing the Columbia River and the San Juan Islands, coaching his sons’ soccer teams during their respective middle school years, and gathering with family and friends on the Washougal River. If people were singing, he could be counted on to join in with his deep bass voice.

    Norman is survived by Wendy Temko, his wife of 38 years; sons Ben and Zak; daughter-in-law Nicole; grandchildren Remy and Tessa; two sisters; and a large family of close relationships and deep friendships.

  • Bill Bessolo BA ’85 continues to live in his native Los Angeles, where he has spent his entire career in real estate management. He currently works for The Wonderful Company, which produces Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds, POM Wonderful juices, Fiji Water, Justin Wine, Halos, and many other healthy brands. Bessolo manages the company headquarters property, along with numerous other properties in Southern California and on the East Coast. An avid hockey fan, he has had season tickets to the LA Kings for more than 30 years. Bessolo enjoys staying in contact with friends and fraternity brothers from Lewis & Clark.

  • Peter Ames Carlin BA ’85, best-selling rock biographer, wrote a revelatory account of the life of beloved American music icon Paul Simon.

  • Is retired and residing in Multnomah Village, part of Portland.

  • On February 18, law school alumna Kate Brown became governor of Oregon following the resignation of John Kitzhaber. She earned her JD from Lewis & Clark in 1985. In 2010, the law school honored Brown as a Distinguished Environmental Graduate.

    In 2011, Brown delivered welcoming remarks at the inauguration of Barry Glassner as president of Lewis & Clark. She said, “I can certainly understand why you have chosen to make this place your new home. Nearly 30 years ago, I, too, chose to move from out of state to Lewis & Clark. … It was this educa- tion at Lewis & Clark Law School that opened many doors for me, and for that I will be forever grateful.”

    In 2004, Brown became the first woman to serve as majority leader of the Oregon Senate. She was elected secretary of state in 2008 and re-elected in 2012.

    Associate Professor of Law Jim Oleske appeared on KGW to discuss incoming Governor Kate Brown’s past work as a legislative leader. “She has remarkably broad experience,” said Oleske. “If anyone could step in right away and hit the ground running, it’s Kate.”

    Lewis & Clark now has two alumni serving as governors. Last November, Bill Walker BS ’73 was elected governor of Alaska.

  • Michael Sellers BS has been designing MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games), online social games, and mobile games for more than 20 years. He has also started and operated three successful game studios. Sellers has worked for several notable game development companies, such as 3DO, Electronic Arts, Kabam, and Rumble Entertainment, as a lead designer, executive producer, general manager, and creative director

  • Renee Rogers Kotz BA is plugging away at her product, Medley Swim Beads, a low-tech swimming lap counter and workout planner, in between consultancies at FHI 360. She thanks her patent attorney, Paul Jorgensen BA ’85, for the legal help.

  • Rebecca Brown BA currently works as an English language development specialist in the North Clackamas School District.

  • Katie Cook BA is married to Tom Rietmann and lives on an isolated wheat and cattle ranch in eastern Oregon. Cook is a high school English teacher and has three children: Jacob, 21; Benjamin, 19; and Annika, 14.

  • Judith Rowlings BA has worked in the hospitality industry since moving back to the United States in 1998. She also founded and ran a nonprofit for performing arts. Judith has two kids in college and one in middle school—plus four cats.

  • Gretchen Shinoda BA manages student services at the International University of Japan (an international graduate school), where she specializes in career services. The university boasts students from about 50 countries, which makes her job extremely varied. Her husband, Tomohito Shinoda CAS ’85, is vice president and director of the Research Institute at the same university. Their daughter, Erika, is busy with musicals and challenging high school academics. She just might apply to Lewis & Clark in a few years.



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