Matt White

Matthew White


San Luis Obispo, CA


Biochemistry/Molecular Biology


I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo on the central coast of California, where hiking, camping, playing in the ocean, and music filled my childhood. This love and respect for open land is part of my attraction to Portland and LC, in addition to the close-knit community of students, professors, and faculty, and the beautiful campus.
I run for the LC cross country and track teams. I started running competitively at the beginning of high school and fell in love with the challenging, solitary nature of the sport. A run through Tryon State Park at golden hour is atop my list of favored pastimes. Also on this list is hammocking and playing frisbee with friends, reading, discovering new music, and playing guitar.
I also conduct research as a member of the Hermann lab on campus. We investigate how cells construct their organelles, using the model organism C. elegans (the worm). I am pursuing a biochemistry degree at LC and plan to complete a PhD program beyond this. The combination of creativity with the knowledge of biochemical compounds, functions, and interactions attracts me to this course of study and to scientific research in general.


Cross Country and Track and Field athlete, Hermann lab member, Rogers Summer Science Program, Student Leadership and Service (Hacienda CDC, Operation Nightwatch volunteer involvement, Student Leadership and Service Awards committee member),


Leadership and Service Award, Trustee Endowed Scholarship