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Matt White ’21

Biochemistry Major, Neuroscience Minor

Matt is from San Luis Obispo, California where he loves to hike, run, kayak, and camp. This love for open land is part of his attraction to Portland and LC, in addition to the close-knit community of students, professors, and faculty, and the beautiful campus. This past year he volunteered weekly with middle school students in the Hacienda CDC after-school program, and he served on the Student Leadership and Service Awards Committee. He is excited to have joined the SAA in 2018.
Matt is also a part of the LC cross country and track teams. He started running competitively at the beginning of high school and fell in love with the challenging, solitary nature of the sport. A run through Tryon State Park at golden hour is atop his list of favored pastimes. Also on this list is hammocking and playing frisbee with friends, reading, discovering new music, and playing guitar. 

 Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

 Cross Country and Track & Field Athlete 

 Hacienda CDC volunteer