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Brandon Lao ’19

Economics Major

Brandon is excited to be in SAA because he had multiple really good experiences at the SAA events having made extremely valuable connections. He applied to become an SAA Ambassador because he wants to give his peers the same networking opportunity he received.
Brandon is from Keizer, Oregon and will graduate in the spring of 2019. He is an Economics major. His passions include playing basketball, listening to music, reading, playing golf, and being outdoors. Outside of school, you can find him on the Deschutes River as a rafting guide in the summer and on Mt Hood, snowboarding in the winter. His involvements include: worked for the Dean of Students office, served as notetaker at LC, interned for the Portland Trail Blazers, Brandon was also a product tester for Nike & Jordan basketball at Nike headquarters. 

 Hometown: Keizer, Oregon


 Intern for Portland Trail Blazers