Yueping Zhang

Associate Professor of Psychology

Biology-Psychology 232

I was born in Guangzho, Guandong province, and raised in a lot of different parts of eastern China, although I think of Weihei in Shandong province as home.  I graduated from Shandong Medical University (Now Shandong University School of Medicine), and taught as a faculty member at the same University for several years before I came to the United States as a visiting scholar.  I then completed a doctorate in physiological psychology/neuroscience at the University of New Hampshire.  I held a research position at Stanford, and taught in several colleges before coming to Lewis and Clark in 2001.  I am currently an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department.


Behavioral Neuroscience, Co-Chair Neuroscience Program


PSY 280 Brain and Behavior

PSY 350 Behavioral Neuroscience

PSY 380 Drugs and Behavior

PSY 390 Cross-cultural Psychology

PSY 410 Advanced Topics in Neuroscience

Location: Biology-Psychology Hall