Marissa Marquez

Marissa Marquez '19



Degree and Class Year

BA ’19


LaVerne, California




Gente Latina Unida (GLU), Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME)

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Engaging, Unique, Communities

What’s your favorite class? How has it expanded your knowledge?

My favorite class has been with Amelia Wilcox in the psychology department. Her class discussed mental illness from multiple perspectives, like homelessness and the justice system, and how best we can help and work to improve their wellbeing. These new perspectives taught me so much about those with mental illness, and has motivated me to continue to work toward a future in a mental health field.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I wanted to go to a school that would provide the best education. That meant smaller class sizes, caring professors at the top of their field, and a community I could find a place in. Lewis & Clark has all of these aspects, and I’ve benefited greatly because of it.

Describe your involvement with IME, and the work you did on the planning committee for the 2018 banquet.

I am one of the peer educators, and I had the responsibility of organizing our Wokeshop series on social justice where we discussed topics like intersectionality and inclusive leadership. I wanted to be apart of IME to be able to work with my peers and discuss important topics with them.

My other responsibility was to help plan our banquet. I was on a committee with four other students where we decided everything from the theme all the way down to decorations. It happens at a very busy time of year in our office, but is so fun and rewarding when the day finally comes.