Open Society Fellowships

The Open Society Foundations award grants, scholarships, and fellowships throughout the year to organizations and individuals who share Open Society values. Programs look for grantees who have a vision and whose efforts will lead to lasting social change, and award a limited number of grants to individuals, primarily through scholarships and fellowships offered across a number of different programs. Individuals may apply for multiple grants at once. Scholarships are awarded to a qualified person to attend or affiliate with an accredited university. Fellowships are awarded to a qualified individual to work on a project in a field aligned with Open Society values over a fixed period of time.  

Programs vary; see website for details.  Of particular interest: the Civil Society Leadership Awards program, which offers citizens from eligible countries (not including the U.S.) to seek master’s degrees in affiliated programs around the world.  Applicants for this program should demonstrate academic and professional excellence and a deep commitment to leading positive social change in their communities.

Awards website:


Varies by program.

Typical Deadline:

Varies by program.