El Pomar Foundation Internships and Fellowships

The El Pomar Foundation, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, aims to serve the current and future well-being of the people of Colorado.  It offers two programs of interest:
1) a summer internship that provides continuing undergraduate students with an interest in public service an introduction to the nonprofit sector and an opportunity to develop professional interests and skills. Applicants who are able to work at least 10 weeks or more are preferred.  Interns receive a competitive hourly wage.
2) a postgraduate fellowship that provides a two-year, hands-on, continuing education opportunity based in Colorado Springs that combines on-the-job training with a background in leadership theory. Fellows have a starting annual salary of $33,000.

Awards website:


Applicants for the internship must be currently enrolled undergraduate students with a personal or family connection to Colorado.  Applicants for the fellowship must have a bachelor’s degree and a personal or family connection to Colorado.

Typical Deadline:

Internship: February. Fellowship: January.