Alia Carter ’10

East Asian Studies

Alia is working as an information concierge and tour guide at the Nihonbashi Information center in Tokyo where she gives information for tourists, do tours, and things like PR and translations.

Her mom is from Japan but she grew up speaking English so she always wanted to study Japanese one day. Since her high school didn’t offer it, she looked for a college with Japanese classes and a study abroad program to Japan. She was really happy with LC’s Japanese department. She would definitely say her Japanese learning experience at LC led her to her current job. Learning Japanese at LC allowed her to live everyday life and work in Japan and gave her the background necessary to succeed in her job.

She does translations at work, so she finds a solid base in reading and writing Japanese she built in LC really useful. Also, she majored in East Asian Studies with a concentration on Japan. She believes that having a background knowledge of Japanese history, culture, and art is also advantageous since in her job she is introducing Japan to tourists who visit Nihonbashi, often explaining cultural and historical items during tours.