Hilary Oleson ’11

Computer Science and Mathematics major, Japanese Minor

Currently she is teaching English at an Eikaiwa (English conversation) school. She especially likes teaching shy kids because she is a shy person herself, so she knows how to get them to relax and be more active. She loves that the really small children, when they see her, sometimes start using the English words she taught them or hug her legs!

While studying in LC, she studied abroad in Sapporo, Hokkaido. According to her, best things about Sapporo includes the cooler weather, the friendly people, no getting lost in downtown Sapporo, and the Snow Festival.

When she didn’t think her Japanese was improving enough in Sapporo, she decided to join what turned out to be an extremely high-level Yosakoi team at the college. She roughly spent a third of her time practicing for the Yosakoi Soran Festival, and that was amazing for her.

There are so many great things about joining the Yosakoi team! For one, it finally felt like she belonged at Hokusei Gakuen University. She would walk to class or lunch and have people to say :”Ohayo!” to. And her teammates really went out of their way to help her out so she could practice. She was really impressed by their commitment as well, like how all of them kept dancing even though many of them were injured.

The fact that she had to use Japanese to communicate with most of her Yosakoi teammates increased her Japanese level so much!