Emma Ray-Wong

Emma Bossen-Wong '20



Degree and Class Year

BA ’20


Boston, Massachusetts


Psychology, Studio Art: Photography (double)


Phonathon, Photography Club, Earth Based Spirituality Club

Overseas study

Beijing, spring 2019

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Dedicated, Curious, Fun

What’s your favorite class? How has it expanded your knowledge?

It’s hard to pick just one class! I would probably have to say my favorite was the first photography class I took here at L&C, with Joel W. Fisher. The class really expanded how I look at the world around me and gave me an even further appreciation for the small beauty in life. The class gave me the standing to look at not only photography, but art in general, with a curious eye.

What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

My grandmother lives in Portland, so she was what initially sparked my interest in the Pacific Northwest. As I looked more into Lewis and Clark specifically, I fell in love with the mix of a personalized liberal arts education with the incredible scenery and access to the amazing city that is Portland.

What drew you to working for Phonathon? What’s been your most memorable conversation with an alumna or alumnus?

I began working at Phonathon my freshman year. I was really looking for a way to build more of a community for myself here at Lewis & Clark. Phonathon gave me exactly that through my wonderful colleagues and a peek into past Lewis & Clark life. My favorite conversation was with an older alumna. I called her while she was on vacation in Japan. Turns out she was revisiting Japan for the first time after taking part in L&C’s first overseas program there! Not only that, but she had run into an old Lewis & Clark peer in Japan and they were getting lunch together. We both marveled over the small coincidences of me calling her that day. It was heartwarming to hear how much Lewis & Clark and her overseas program in Japan had impacted her.

How did you decide on a major?

I’ve known since middle school that I wanted to study psychology at an undergraduate level. I’ve always been drawn to learning about neuroscience and the behind-the-scenes of what makes each person unique. This was further cemented once I experienced the wonderful psychology professors in our department. They are all so dedicated and excited to help students learn. As for studio art, I have always been creatively inclined and interested in art. But majoring in art was also a little taboo and scary. Once I took my first art class at Lewis & Clark, I realized that my love for the arts overcame that fear by miles. The art department is so supportive and gives just the right amount of a challenging push to make you inquisitive and successful. I love both psychology and studio art so much I couldn’t bear to pick just one, so I decided to double major!

How do you manage stress?

Luckily, us L&C students are surrounded by a beautifully serene campus. When Portland decides to give us some sun, I love to take a study break and sit by the reflecting pool to take a breather and get some sun. Sometimes my friends and I will have a little picnic on the field and play some music before getting back into work. It’s a great way to decompress.