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Ariel Moyal

Ariel Moyal '19

Class Year: 2019
Hometown: Alameda, California
Major: Environmental Studies
Extracurriculars: College Outdoors Trip Leader, Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) Tutor and Representative, Writing Center Tutor, Student Leadership and Service Project Coordinator, Geospatial Project Analyst for Watzek Library
Overseas study: New Zealand Spring 2018

What three words would you use to describe L&C?

Creative, interdisciplinary, critical

What has been your favorite class so far? How has it expanded your knowledge?

I really enjoyed Spatial Problems in Earth System Science with Assistant Professor Jessica Kleiss. It is the class where I really learned how to put Geographical Information System (GIS), a mapping program, into practice and it really challenged my spatial reasoning ability and my perseverance as it is largely a trial and error process. I love maps and the power of spatial data to tell a story, and the different ways this spatial data can be displayed to highlight inequities. I am really glad I persevered through the learning curve so that I can build off of this knowledge in the rest of my academic career and into the real world. However, I also love the interdisciplinary requirements of environmental studies because I can connect this quantitative reasoning to other classes like The Political Economy of Food, Culture and Power of the Middle East, Global Environmental History, or Climate Science. What I have loved most about my studies is finding and nurturing the connections between seemingly disparate subjects.

“What I have loved most about my studies is finding and nurturing the connections between seemingly disparate subjects.”
What made you want to come to Lewis & Clark?

I really liked the idea of small class sizes and a liberal arts education in which I could engage critically in a wide variety of questions with my peers. I was also really excited to be in Portland and be surrounded by so much beautiful nature.

Describe your experience as a SAAB tutor, and what you most like about the role.

It has been really interesting and rewarding being a SAAB tutor this year for the Digital Scholarship site and also the core environmental studies courses. I always like being behind the scenes and as a tutor, I get to work directly with both the environmental studies faculty to shape the direction that our program takes and also help peers through classes and projects that I have struggled through in the past. I like this aspect of paying it forward, but more than that I learn so much from working through problems with my peers and learning about what other students are working on and are interested in. I see it as more than a form of academic support—since environmental studies is often tied so closely to our passions—I also see it as emotional support, doing my part to create a community where we learn from and with each other.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Portland?

I love how many hikes and outdoor spaces are at our fingertips!

Where do you find community on campus?

I find it in people with common interests, like social justice and service at Student Leadership and Service, or outdoor education at College Outdoors. I also find it in my housemates and friends, and in the library when everyone is stressed, but at least together!

Do you have a job on campus? If so, how do you fit work into your schedule?

I have several jobs on campus but I really like to keep busy. I would say if you want a job, try to find one that you are passionate about or where you at least like your coworkers. Finding jobs on campus is great because they very much prioritize your responsibilities of being a student and understand the stress of doing that.

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