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Vela Dyrness ’19

Alumni Fellow


Sociology Anthropology w/ Gender Studies Minor

Club/ Group Involvement

Feminist Student Union, Amnesty International, Alumni and Parent Programs

What do you love about LC?

I enjoy the small classrooms, and the level of engagement it allows for classroom discussions! I like being able to get to know my professors, and the fact that they are accessible and eager to assist their students. I love strolling through LC’s gardens, and taking in our beautiful campus.

What do you hope to do with your LC Education?

I hope to continue my education in the field of education, and study the ways in which education systems can be bettered and easily accessible to folks! I also hope to spend some time working and studying abroad in the future.

Have you been abroad on an LC Program? Where & When?

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a participant on the spring 2017 Morocco Regional and Cultures Studies Program. Morocco was an engaging, welcoming and beautiful country I hope to have the chance to return to someday soon!

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 30th Reunion Class Committee