Elsa Dougherty


Flushing, MI




Hi! My name is Elsa (named before the movie, thank you very much) and I am one of five siblings. I was born and raised in Flushing, Michigan and if you don’t know where that is come ask me; I’ll show you on my hand. I moved to Portland in 2016 to pursue an education in music which I am currently doing with a focus in Vocal Performance. In the future, I hope to do dabble in everything I can. I love performing and plan to continue my training as an opera singer. I am also very interested in conducting and would love to conduct a choir or orchestra someday. Furthermore, I have a huge passion for movie music and look forward to exploring that more in the future. In my free time I love listening to music, reading, watching Disney movies, and sleeping for as long as possible. 


Member of the Cappella Nova Choir
Member of the St. Jame’s Lutheran Choir
Student worker in the Registrar’s office
Reading…I especially enjoy reading fiction and reading about synesthesia
Listening to music
Pretending to be a back up dancer for Beyonce and Lady Gaga


Lewis and Clark Grant, Music Scholarship, Leadership and Service Award, Trustee Endowed Scholarship, John F. and Edith L. Wilsterman Scholarship, Dean’s list, NATS Northwest Region Musical Theater Competition–1st place (Women’s lower college, 2016)