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Tami Nesburg

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Advisory Board Executive Committee

Regents Bank Executive Vice President and Southwest Washington Regional Manager Tami Nesburg has been in banking in Clark County for more than 35 years. She helped launch the Bank’s Vancouver office as a start-up banking operation in December 2003 and is responsible for its growth and profitability. Tami brings that experience and entrepreneurial mindset to her client relationships, helping small to mid-sized businesses seek opportunities and grow their companies. Before joining Regents Bank, Tami was a Regional Senior Vice President with Umpqua Bank and previously worked for Northwest National Bank. She currently serves as Treasurer for Identity Clark County and Gifts for Our Community, and she is a Washington Executive group member. Tami is a former Regional Growth Forum Director, Human Services Council member and president, and past president of the Vancouver Public Facilities District Board.


Job Title

Regents Bank - Executive Vice President & Regional Manager