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Aria Wiedmann ’19*

SAA President, Chemisty Major, Theatre Minor

Aria is from Santa Barbara, California. She moved to Leucadia, a small beach town north of San Diego, when she was 12 where she attended junior high and high school. Aria joined SAA in 2016. This year Aria was part of the senior experience committee last semester and worked at L&C’s sesquicentennial celebration over the summer.  

Last year, Aria studied abroad in India in the Fall and participated in the theater senior thesis festival in the Spring. She is also a member of Scripted - the improv troupe here on campus - and works on a number of other small theater productions, when time permits. When she is not in the library, theater, or at the SQRC where she tutors students in chemistry and math; she loves to play soccer, paint, swing dance, go backpacking, watch old movies, and eat chocolate. 

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Lead Resident Advisor (RA)

• Mainstage Productions 

• Member of L&C improv

• SQRC Tutor