Ever Vimbai Chinoda

Executive Director and Founder, Speak Out For Animals
LLM ’17, CALS Ambassador 2021-2022

Advocate Ever Vimbai Chinoda is an International Animal Law champion. Chinoda is the Founder and Co-director of an international nonprofit organization called SpeakOutForAnimals (SOFA) that seeks to protect animals through the legal system. SOFA’s mission is to educate on animal law and lobby for policies and legislation regarding wildlife. Through SOFA, she has facilitated the training of 20 lawyers and 60 Prosecutors on animal laws, inspiring the best and brightest minds to apply creative legal strategies to help establish greater legal protections for animals through case monitoring of wildlife cases. Chinoda’s wildlife guide and wildlife law code has assisted stakeholders combat wildlife crime in Zimbabwe.

In terms of experience and academics, Chinoda obtained her Bachelor of Law Honors from the University of Zimbabwe in 2010 and holds a Master’s degree in Animal Law from Lewis & Clark Law School. In 2012, she worked as a lawyer for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. Chinoda also worked as a prosecutor for three years under the National Prosecuting Authority in Zimbabwe where she prosecuted several wildlife cases.

In 2021, Chinoda was recognized amongst the top 100 young conservation leaders. Chinoda’s vision of a generation that is conscious about the need of conserving flora and fauna has pushed her to create the first ever wildlife module in Zimbabwe which has commenced at the Great Zimbabwe University and will later cascade to other institutions. Chinoda is a renowned international speaker who continues to inspire attitude change on issues regarding conservation of wildlife.