Aine Seitz McCarthy

Assistant Professor of Economics

John R. Howard 325, MSC: 40

Aine McCarthy joined the Economics Department at Lewis & Clark in 2016. She completed her PhD in applied economics at University of Minnesota. Her fields of research include international development, microeconomics, demography, and health.

Dr. McCarthy uses experimental methods, fieldwork and econometrics to address policy questions in health and development. Her dissertation research measured the impact of a community family planning program in rural Tanzania. 

Prior to graduate school, Dr. McCarthy worked at the RAND Corporation in Washington, DC. 


Economic Development, Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Demography, Econometrics


ECON 100: Principles of Economics

ECON 232: Economic Development

ECON 303: Econometrics

ECON 399: Global Health Economics

ECON 433: Senior Seminar


Working Papers

“Multiplying Siblings: The Trade-off Between Family Size and Child Education Quality in Rural Bangladesh” (with Rachel Pearlman)”

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Davila, Rodrigo Lovaton, Aine Seitz McCarthy, Dorothy Gondwe, Phatta Kirdruang, and Uttam Sharma. “Water, walls, and bicycles: wealth index composition using census microdata.” Journal of Demographic Economics (2014): 1-42.

Damon, Amy L., Aine Seitz McCarthy “Partnerships and production: Agriculture and polygyny in Tanzanian households” Agricultural Economics 50(2019): 527–542. [LINK

McCarthy, Aine Seitz. “Intimate partner violence and family planning decisions: Experimental evidence from rural Tanzania.” World Development 114 (2019): 156-174.[LINK]

Krause, Brooke L., Aine Seitz McCarthy, and David Chapman. “Fuelling financial literacy: estimating the impact of youth entrepreneurship training in Tanzania.” Journal of Development Effectiveness 8.2 (2016): 234-256.  [LINK]

Professional Publications

Charles Nemfakos, Irv Blickstein, Aine Seitz McCarthy and Jerry M. Sollinger. The Perfect Storm: The Goldwater-Nichols Act and Its Effect on Navy Acquisition. RAND Occasional Paper 308-NAVY. Santa Monica, CA: RAND 2010. [LINK]
Harry J. Thie, Margaret C. Harrell, Aine Seitz McCarthy, and Joseph Jenkins. Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES): Manpower, Personnel and Training Implications. RAND Monograph 896-NAVY. Santa Monica, CA: RAND 2009. [LINK]

Works in Progress

“Food Security and Gender in Maasai Households: An Application of Pro-WEAI (Project Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index) to Northern Tanzania” (with Marc F. Bellemare and Brooke L. Krause)

“Drying out the Marriage Market: The Impact of Droughts on Polygyny” (with Lindsey K. Novak, Brooke Krause, Amy Damon)

“Student-Centered Pedagogy and Chidren’s Non-Cognitive Skills in Rural Tanzanian Schools” (with Lindsey K. Novak and Paul Glewwe)