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Student Leadership and Service (SLS)

Marlene Guzman

Hometown: Altadena, California

Major: Environmental Studies

Graduation year: Class of 2019

Favorite artwork: Currently, my favorite art piece is one that I recently saw at The Broad, a contemporary art museum in my hometown Los Angeles. The piece was a video project executed by Ragnar Kjartansson, an Icelandic artist. There was a whole room dedicated to the piece, filled with several images that were being simultaneously projected onto several walls but they all shared one audio recording. The video was set in a romantic mansion on a farm in upstate New York. The piece started off by displaying a group of people frolicking outside and by the end every screen displayed a different musician in all separate rooms throughout the mansion. They slowly began to play music together and the music gradually began to build, it was really quite beautiful. The video elicited various emotions, such as: joyous tears and just straight up confusion.      

Most meaningful leadership/service experience: I have been involved in various leadership and volunteer opportunities such as: being involved in my high school’s Latina Affinity group as a co heard as well as being co-president of my school’s Service Committee. But my most meaning full experiences have been the opportunities I have had to work with students from the low resource public schools near me. I have acted as a teacher’s assistant and as a tutor to various elementary school aged children.

Why I’m basically awesome: I think that I work really well with others as well as do a good job in communicating with my coworkers and my peers. I am also extremely passionate and enthusiastic. 

SLS Initiatives: I will be working alongside Katie Kelly next year to help lead trips to Hacienda CDC, a Latino community development corporation that provides affordable housing as well as economic and educational opportunities for its residents. As a volunteer and Project Leader, I will work alongside other Lewis & Clark students by tutoring  elementary school aged children as well as helping to facilitate games and other activities. I hope to further strengthen the relationship that Lewis & Clark has with Hacienda CDC by encouraging more students to join. I am also looking forward to attending the various other service-learning opportunities the SLS office has to offer as well.

Strengths: Input, Restorative, Ideation, Harmony, Learner