7 Elements (7e)

7elements is a Dominican Republic based, non-government organization founded in 2010. From our first 3-months of 10-day service learning trips that incorporated 100 volunteers from over 9 countries, we have expanded into an organization that provides end-to-end sustainable solutions for the most in-need communities of the Dominican Republic. We align our efforts with the 7 elements of human security: Economic, Environmental, Food, Health, Political, Personal and Community. Our belief is that these elements of security are interconnected and in order to address one issue, you must look at how the other components are related. Our model has proven successful for the 8 local areas we have served to date and it is because we have taken a holistic look at the systemic issues that plague these communities. We do not believe this is something that can be accomplished alone and we actively seek partners to help us achieve a stronger and more sustainable world.

To introduce people from the developed world to human security issues in the developing world while accessing their talent, skills and resources in applying appropriate, locally-supportable technologies to reduce risks and vulnerabilities in insecure communities.

To engage tomorrow’s leaders in developing sustainable solutions to human insecurities in the developing world.