Eric Tymoigne

Associate Professor of Economics

John R. Howard 323, MSC: 40

Eric Tymoigne is an Associate Professor of Economics at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon; and Research Associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. His areas of teaching and research include macroeconomics, money and banking, and monetary economics.

Academic Credentials

PhD University of Missouri-Kansas City 2006, MA Université Paris 9, Dauphine 2000, BA Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest 1999


Econ 100: Principles of Economics
Econ 103: Statistics
Econ 220: The Financial System and the Economy
Econ 250: Radical Political Economy
Econ 302: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
Econ 320: Modern Money, Banking and The Macroeconomy
Econ 402: Advanced Macroeconomics
Econ 433: Senior Seminar





Contributions in Edited Books:

  • “Consolidation technique” forthcoming in Handbook on MMT (DRAFT)
  • “Redemption” forthcoming in Handbook on MMT (DRAFT)
  • “MMT and Theory: A Reply to Critiques” forthcoming in Handbook on MMT (DRAFT)
  • “MMT and Policymaking Praxis: A Reply to Critiques” forthcoming in Handbook on MMT (DRAFT)
  • “MMT and the Monetary System: A Reply to Critiques” forthcoming in Handbook on MMT (DRAFT)
  • “MMT Policymaking Praxis and Economic and Financial Stability: A Reply to Critiques” forthcoming in Handbook on MMT (DRAFT)
  • “Secular Stagnation and the Age of Ultra Low Interest Rates.” In Dantas, F. and Wray, L.R. (eds) Handbook on Economic Stagnation. Forthcoming. (DRAFT)
  • A Financial Analysis of Monetary Systems.” In Papadimitriou, D.P (ed.) Contributions to Economic Theory, Policy, Development and Finance. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 2014. (DRAFT)
  • “Financial Fragility” in Toporowski, J. and Michell, J. Handbook of Critical Issues in Finance. New York: Edward Elgar. 2012 (DRAFT)
  • “Financial Stability, Regulatory Buffers, and Economic Growth after the Great Recession: Some Regulatory Implications.” In Whalen, C.J. (ed.), Financial Instability and Economic Security after the Great Recession, Northampton: Edward Elgar. 2011. (DRAFT)
  • “Engineering Pyramid Ponzi Finance: The Evolution of Private Finance from 1970–2008 and Implications for Regulation.” In J. Leclaire, T.-H. Jo, and J. Knodell (eds.) Heterodox Analysis of Financial Crisis and Reform, Northampton: Edward Elgar. 2011. (DRAFT)
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  • “Expectations.” In King, J. (ed.), The Elgar Companion to Post Keynesian Economics, 135-141. Northampton: Edward Elgar. 2003. (DRAFT)

Book Reviews:

  • The Deficit Myth by Kelton, S.A. Governance, 34(1), January 2021 (DRAFT)
  • Financial Crises, 1929 to the Present by Hsu, S. Review of Keynesian Economics, 4(3), July 2016. (DRAFT)
  • Harvesting Gold by Hammes, D.L. EH.Net.
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  • Making Money by Crow, J. Journal of Economic Issues, 38 (1), March 2004
  • The Fed by Mayer, M. Journal of Economic Issues, 37 (1), March 2003

Professional Experience

2015- : Associate Professor of Economics, Lewis & Clark College
2006- : Research Associate, Levy Economics Institute
2009-2015: Assistant Professor of Economics, Lewis & Clark College 
2006-2009: Assistant Professor of Economics, California State University, Fresno
2004-2006: Instructor, University of Missouri – Kansas City
2001-2004: Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Missouri – Kansas City

Location: J.R. Howard Hall