Leo Di Giosia


Boise, Idaho




I am Leonardo Salvatore Antonio Di Giosia, a math major at Lewis & Clark in the class of 2017. Since coming to college, I have wrestled with a big question in my life: which do I like more, the puzzles, intricacies, and structure of mathematics, or the teaching, tutoring, and education of it? At LC, I have ample opportunity to play with both. I study for the annual Putnam exam and attempt weekly puzzles issued by our math department. On the other hand, I tutor one-on-one through SAAB as well as work at the SQRC, LC’s drop in tutor center. Aside from math, I keep plenty busy with volunteering on the weekends at Operation Nightwatch, a hospitality center for the houseless population in downtown Portland. Additionally, I was abroad in Tuscany in Spring ’15 and am headed off to Budapest in Spring ’16 to study even more math!