Andrew A. Williamson


Blue Springs, MO


Environmental Studies


Drew Williamson is a non-traditional student at Lewis & Clark, having started at age 24, following a six year term in the US Navy. He was a nuclear trained Machinist Mate on a submarine and lived all over the eastern seaboard during that time. He is also a non-traditional person in general–a sense of adventure and a desire for a genuinely new challenge brought him to both Portland and L&C, but only after hitchhiking nearly 15,000 miles around the USA and through 30+ states, while backpacking hundreds of miles to find the country’s most beautiful places. His life’s mission is to always be adding to his story and consistently pushing the boundaries, wherever that may take him.


Bicycling, gardening, building anything (from treehouses to K’nex toy models), backpacking, learning, traveling, meeting people from all walks of life, and generally keeping busy by any means! 


Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Navy Enlisted Submarine “Dolphins” Award,