Katherine M. Kowal


Louisville, CO


Physics and Political Science


I am in the class of 2017 at Lewis & Clark, and am a double major in physics and political science.  As I have progressed through my education at Lewis & Clark, I have become more and more passionate about the interrelated nature of these two seemingly separate disciplines.  Learning how to think like a physicist has given me courage to breakdown complex problems into workable solutions.  Examining policies and governance structures has given me the application for which I want to use this mindset.  Studying abroad in the Dominican Republic in the Fall of 2015 inspired me further to focus on environmental justice and question existing barriers that prevent equal access to science education and environmental health.  Outside of class, you can usually find me on the track training for LC’s Track & Field team or just being silly with friends.  I love working towards things I am passionate about, but I hate to forget to enjoy all of the wonderful people I have met while studying here.