Hawai`i Club

The Hawai`i Club serves as a resource of those in the L&C community wanting to learn about Hawai`i and its unique customs and cultures. The activities that the Hawai`i Club participate in such as the annual Lū`au and the Thanksgiving Lunch benefit the college as a whole. Hawai`i Club gives the Lewis & Clark Community the opportunity to be a part of a different culture and preforming dances brought from all over the Pacific Ocean. This gives Hawai`i Club members a chance to show the culture that they came from through dance and song. This aspect of cultural diversity fits into Lewis & Clark’s goal of expanding diversity and multiculturalism. This event not only gives people from the Pacific Islands to show their cultures to those who aren’t familiar with it but also for the people who aren’t familiar to practice it and put a performance together to show such culture.


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