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Spain Seville

Semester: Spring
Date: Early January to mid-April
Offered: Every other academic year (odd years)
Program Focus: Country Study


SPAN 201 with a 3.0 GPA or better in language. Minimum of 2.75 GPA is highly recommended. Advising and departmental consent needed before attending the program for majors.                                               

Spring 2019 Program Leader:

Liz Stanhope 

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Spring 2017 Leader: Isabelle DeMarte
Associate Professor of French
ext. 7426

Program Design:
Study focuses on the major historical and cultural events that have shaped modern Spain.  Particular attention is given to southern Spain and its cultural roots in North Africa.  The program is based in Sevilla and includes excursions to Madrid and Granada.  Students live with host families in Sevilla.

Requirements Fulfilled:
Fulfills the two-course international studies requirement and the creative arts requirement.

Art majors may not use IS 242 to fulfill the Creative Arts General Education requirement. 

4 courses per semester/16 credits

IS 250: Crossroads: Spain and Immigration

This course studies Spain’s encounters with new populations from the earliest period of national consciousness to the present. The course starts with consideration of the contemporary reality that recent waves of immigrations have brought, looking beyond to the political, economic and social realities that underlie our observations. The many layers of past civilizations show their presence in the evidence they have left throughout Spain, especially Seville. We consider the effects of the centuries of contacts which formed Andalusian and Spanish identity, through the movements of peoples from the south and east across the Mediterranean. Finally, we turn our attention to Spain’s unique experience and relationship with the Arab world, in history and in the reality of Seville today. Presentations, guest lectures, and visits to relevant sites and monuments, all combine to enrich and illustrate the focus of study, as we seek out the multiple perspectives necessary to understand this complex topic.

IS 241: Contemporary Spain:
The structures of Spanish society and the currents of change which continue to influence contemporary Spain.  Exploration of the values of the Spanish family, youth, and women; migratory movements, the process of urbanization, and conflict between national and regional interests; political parties and labor unions in society which emphasis on Andalusian society. 

IS 242: Art History of Spain: The major artistic expressions of the Spanish people in painting, sculpture, and architecture, from the cave paintings of antiquity to the artists of the modern period, with special attention to the styles related to Sevilla.

One Spanish Language course, placement determined by language exam.

Spain, Seville

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