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Australia Summer (Psychology)

Semester: Summer
Offered: Summer 2020
Estimated Dates: Mid-May to early July
Program Focus: Regional Area Study with Psychology Emphasis
Prerequisites: PSY 100, 200, 300 and Junior or Senior class standing; or PSY 100 and consent of leader.  
Summer 2020 Program Leader:

Yueping Zhang
Associate Professor of Psychology, 503-768-7646

Program Design

The history of Australia, the world’s smallest continent and largest island, has been molded from afar by the British and the western world and by its own diverse geography and aboriginal population.  Over the last two hundred years it has grown into a multicultural society with 90 percent of its population living in urban areas.

Students participating on the program will observe and participate in human and social services programs that exist within a context of socialized medicine—a system that, according to many of those it serves, works well.

This program will focus on history, culture and psychology in contemporary Australia. The program’s location is the urban coast area of Brisbane, Queensland, where students will live with Australian host families. The program begins with 2 weeks of academic sessions in a lecture/discussion format and continues with a 5-week internship in a social service agency of interest.

About the Program Leader: Yueping Zhang - “I was born in Guangzho, Guandong province, and raised in a lot of different parts of eastern China, although I think of Weihei in Shandong province as home.  I graduated from Shandong Medical University (Now Shandong University School of Medicine), and taught as a faculty member at the same University for several years before I came to the United States as a visiting scholar.  I then completed a doctorate in physiological psychology/neuroscience at the University of New Hampshire.  I held a research position at Stanford, and taught in several colleges before coming to Lewis and Clark in 2001.  I am currently an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department.”


Requirements Fulfilled: IS 290 fulfills 4 credits of the 8-credit International Studies general education requirement. PSY 345 may be applied to the Psychology major.

Credits: 8 credits (2 courses)


IS 290: Australian Area Study (4 credits)

Traces the major developments in Australia’s history from its initial settlement by the aboriginal people through European colonization and into the present.  Emphasis is on the events that played a major role in shaping contemporary Australian society and Australia’s current relationships with East Asia, the United States, and the British Commonwealth.  Topics include Australian literature, non-indigenous art, exploration and settlement, military history, and political and social institutions.

PSY 345: Internship (4 credits)

Applied field learning experience and exposure to psychologically oriented occupations in Brisbane. Building human relations skills; becoming acquainted with important human service institutions and their social impact in an environment of socialized health and human services. Theoretical, cross-cultural and practical frameworks for intervention. Internship opportunities may include drug and alcohol treatment programs, women’s resource centers, community aftercare for psychiatric patients, programs for the elderly, and HIV/AIDS support services.

PLEASE NOTE: If a student has attended the spring LC program, and wishes to apply to remain in Australia for the summer Australia LC program, the student may not repeat the Area Study course.  The student must apply to be allowed to complete an independent study on a different topic in place of IS-290.

This option would only be offered to students who have completed the Area Study course on a previous Australia program, and will only be allowed if the instructor is available to oversee the independent study.  The option may not be available in all years.

Australia Summer (Psychology)