Serena Frisina

Frank Manor House

Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions
California (Los Angeles County), New Mexico

Additional Information

615 S. Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503-768-7039
Fax: 503-768-7055

Hometown: Idyllwild, CA

Favorite spot on campus: The reflecting pool.  Rain or shine, the reflecting pool is the most beautiful and relaxing place on campus to read a book, people watch or just enjoy the scenery!

Little-known fact about me: I have flown a plane. 

Piece of advice for students in the college search process: Visit the schools you are interested in! Take the time to talk to a student and picture yourself attending classes and socializing with the people you see around campus.  Sit in a cafe on campus or wander around and people watch.  Check out the surrounding area or the nearest city and imagine living and spending time there.  Listen to how the tour guides, student representatives or admissions counselors highlight the school and consider whether it aligns with your values and priorities.  

Favorite place to spend time in Portland:  Lewis & Clark, the Chinese Gardens or the waterfront, preferably all on a sunny day!

If I was stranded on a desert island, I would want these three things: A hammock, a kindle full of various books including the Harry Potter series and trashy novels, and a fire starter (because I am horrible at starting fires). 

If I didn’t work in Admissions, I would be: I would own a hotel in Bahia Blanca in the Dominican Republic.