Chau, S.

Samphasnearyroth Chau

UWC attended: United World College East Africa - Arusha Campus
Class Year: Class of 2028

Everyone calls me Nero, and I’m from Cambodia. Against all odds, I moved across the globe to UWCEA in Tanzania and found myself another home. The rich atmosphere, unique people, electrifying music (especially Afrobeat and Amapiano), and diverse cultures have shaped who I am today. I am a blend of the girl who learned resilience and determination through years of practicing karate and some time in its birthplace, Okinawa, Japan, the girl who backpacked around East Africa, from Kenya to Uganda, immersing herself in its culture, and many more versions. These experiences have shown me the importance of being in an environment where I can explore and grow, which is why Lewis & Clark is on my radar. Its amazing program, beautiful campus, proximity to the city, and diverse student body and faculty make it the perfect place for my continued journey.

My varied interests have led me to computer science, building on my previous projects and enhancing my exploration of the tech world. I plan to use L&C’s liberal arts education to its fullest, from learning about the brain to exploring the arts. I want to capture my upcoming journey through films and sketches. At Lewis & Clark, I hope to explore all possible opportunities and make it my home.