Manor House Water Intrusion

Focus Areas: Ground level of Manor House, south landscaping

Construction Started:7/2/2024

Anticipated Completion: 8/31/2024


Solving the Mystery: Business Office Water Intrusion Fix

After a lot of study and sleuthing, we’ve finally cracked the case of the water intrusion issue in the business office basement! We have a designed fix, and we have a contractor ready to go. The solution kicks off with excavating the area along the south side of the building near where the Business and Admissions offices live. If you’re at the front door, the grass area to your left will be buzzing with construction activity.

This work will be quite invasive, bringing some temporary constraints to the Manor House front entry and Admissions access, along with the usual construction noise and odor. Parts of the Business Office will be working remotely, and others in the building might find the noise disruptive enough to opt for remote work. We can arrange alternative on-campus work locations for those who need it, so please reach out if we can assist.

The project is set to run from July 2nd through August 30th, with final landscaping to be completed in late September to match the planting season. Thanks for your patience and cooperation as we improve our campus!


Julie Bunker
Capital Projects Manager
(503) 768-7843