Sophia Riley ’25 (she/her)

Sociology and Anthropology

Sophia was born on the island of Kauai, Hawai’i and is a current Senior at Lewis & Clark College. She loves being outside, whether it’s hiking in the gorge, surfing on the coast, or walking through Tryon Creek. On campus she is involved in a range of clubs and communities. Freshman year she created the Belly Dance Club, which has grown in the last 3 years to have over 60 members. In her role as the club leader, she conducts weekly classes and coordinates periodic dance events and parties. The club participates in the annual Dance Y performance, with Sophia annually choreographing the dances. She is heavily involved in College Outdoors, leading peers and new students in a range of outdoor activities, particularly playing a large role in the New Student Trips that run at the start of each school year. Additionally, she plays a role in the annual Literary Review as both an editor and contributor, showcasing her poetry. She is also an active club member of the Paddle Club.

Sophia loves being involved in a range of communities on campus and for this reason is enthused to be apart of the SAA this year. She is eager to form connections with the greater Lewis & Clark College community through the widespread alumni network.