Vali Rajaobelina ’27 (she/her)

Psychology/ Entrepreneurial Leadership

Vali is an international student from Antananarivo, Madagascar. After navigating a new life in the US for the past three years, she understood that being surrounded by supportive communities is essential to feel a sense of belonging. She loves nurturing the communities she is part of and joining new ones. After encountering various mentors throughout her journey, she’s eager to strengthen alumni-current student relationships, recognizing the invaluable lessons they offer. Vali is very proud of her country, she loves sharing her culture (customs, food, dance) whenever she can, and is excited to give back to her community when she goes back.

Vali loves being active on campus, whether through cheering at sports games with her amazing Cheer & Step team, giving tours of our beautiful campus to prospective students, hosting French Club events, or going on trips with College Outdoors. Vali loves dancing and the energy she receives from the audience when she performs.