News Media Policy

Lewis & Clark College is a private institution of higher education and its three campuses–the College of Arts & Sciences, Graduate School of Education & Counseling, and Law School–are private property. Members of the media must request and receive permission from the media relations staff to take photos, record audio or video, or conduct interviews on campus and in any clinics, residences, or other private spaces owned and/or operated by Lewis & Clark, as detailed in this policy. While we are excited to share the stories of our stellar students, staff, and faculty with the public, our goal is to meet media requests for access to the Lewis & Clark community and grounds in ways that respect the safety and privacy of the many people who learn, work, and live on campus.

With the exception of Lewis & Clark student journalists, any member of the media, including reporters, producers, camera crews, “citizen journalists,” etc., seeking content or background for print, broadcast, online, social media, or other distribution, is required to send a request in writing to (or, if visiting the law school campus, to Your request should include the date and time you would like to be on campus, the purpose of your visit, your plans regarding who you will be interviewing and/or recording while on campus, as well as the make and license plate number of any vehicles that will be brought onto campus. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, and once all the details have been confirmed, the relevant information will be shared with staff in Campus Safety and in Parking (upon arrival on campus, members of the media must comply with all relevant rules and fees related to visitor parking on campus). Lewis & Clark staff may accompany media while on campus property.

Please note that Lewis & Clark as an institution can only grant access to enter campus or other spaces we operate; members of the media must also obtain individual permission/media releases from any and all individuals and groups who they film, photograph, record, or interview while on campus or in a space operated by Lewis & Clark. When filming, photographing, recording, or interviewing minors, permission/releases from a parent or guardian may also be legally required.

Lewis & Clark frequently welcomes members of the public to designated public events on campus. Members of the media attending public events on campus still must obtain advance permission as described above, if they intend to report on, photograph, film, record, or interview any speakers, performers, audience members, or members of the Lewis & Clark community, as well as securing individual permission/media releases, as described above.

Lewis & Clark reserves the right to refuse requests to enter campus or other private spaces, and/or to record videos or audio or take photographs while on the campus. Lewis & Clark also reserves the right to revoke permission to remain on campus, and to deny future requests to enter campus, if our policies are violated, or if the presence of particular journalists or crews is deemed disruptive to our educational mission, daily operations, or the well-being of our students, staff, and faculty.

Lewis & Clark also makes video and photography assets available to the media upon request. Please email the Office of Communications with your request.

(Please note, this policy refers to only to journalists and reporting media; the use of Lewis & Clark’s buildings, outdoor spaces, or other parts of campus by outside individuals or companies for filming or photography for commercial purposes requires specific approval and arrangements through the Office of Conferences and Events.)

Approval Date

Approved by the Executive Council, February 20, 2024


Office of Communications