Women’s Expeditions


If you are interested please fill out this interest form. We will contact you when an itinerary is announced.

Current Expeditions:

O Morocco - 11/01/24 to 11/09/24

O Morocco - 11/10/24 to 11/18 (Tentative)






In the Planning:

O India - January 2025

O Oaxaca, Mexico - May 2025

O Turkey - May 2025

O Nepal - 2025

O Pakistan - 2026

O Jordan - 2026

O Saudi Arabia - 2027








Why Offer Women’s Expeditions?

Cultural and religious factors mean that local interaction in some countries can be challenging and complex for mixed gender groups. While we endeavor to offer interaction with locals and real life experiences wherever possible, in some cases it’s not socially acceptable for men to be alone with female travelers, so the opportunities for interaction are limited. By the same token, most opportunities our group tours have to spend time with local women is in the presence of men in a controlled environment. We see these trips as an exciting opportunity for female travelers go behind closed doors and learn about customs, food, challenges and the lives of other women across the globe.

If you would like to be more involved in the Women’s Expeditions project please email Andrew McPheeters at: mcpheete@lclark.edu